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Licensing & Talent Specialist - Ubisoft

07-06-2017 17:06


Ubisoft's Business Development Licensing department manages the acquisition of prestigious licenses from the main players in Entertainment and project monitoring. The partners are diverse: film studios (Universal, Sony, Fox, Disney etc), television channels (CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon ...), gaming and toy companies (Hasbro, Mattel) Major players from different industries (sports, car manufacturers, ...) as well as celebrities (endorsement or integration of talents in our games).


The Business Development Licensing team is looking for its Licensing & Talent Specialist.



You will be responsible for the acquisition of licenses.


It will be a question of answering the internal demand of acquisition of images and brands to integrate them in our games (licenses of cars in a racing game Ubisoft for example).




This mission consists of:


Define with the teams in-house objectives and needs in terms of rights and uses.


Identify brands and their successors in various fields: pop culture, tv, cinema, sport, ...


Build innovative and responsive business models to complete your negotiations; To do this you know and master the various business models practiced in the license, know how to build a commercial offer (deal memo) and know how to read a business plan or P & L.


Leading the collaboration between the beneficiaries and the teams of Ubisoft throughout the production of the game and its commercial life thanks to your experience in monitoring of projects.


Reports important project information: important alerts and progress on the project, post-mortem of the collaboration, financial results, ...




You will also be in charge of the acquisition of talent.


It will involve partnerships with celebrities from the world of cinema, TV, sports, ... so that their name, voice, image are integrated into some of our games.




This mission consists of:


Identify the needs of Ubisoft studios or even, thanks to your proactivity to create the need by approaching the production teams. Your affinity for audiovisual production and if possible specifically for the video game will be an asset in order to imagine integrations of talents in keeping with the essence of the games and the constraints of production. Your network (talents, service providers, agents ...) will allow you to identify the talents and meet the needs more easily.


Conduct negotiation of contracts with talent: to ensure that the budget is respected and to integrate the guarantees necessary for the proper use of the rights entrusted and the benefits granted. Your external contacts can be casting agencies, celebrity managers, celebrity agencies, in the US mainly but not only. Knowledge of SAG AFTRA regulations will be a plus.


Manage the project: accompany the internal teams and the talent in the realization of the services. Ensure compliance with the contract. Your adaptability, your reactivity (sometimes in the context of jetlag Paris / Los Angeles) as well as your ability to find efficient and fast solutions will allow you to carry out the execution of the project.


Animate an external network (talents, casting director, agents) and internal (producers, marketing teams) in order to maintain a genuine dexterity and reactivity during the implementation of a project.






You have at least 3 years experience in licensing or project management in the field of audiovisual production; You have ideally already worked with casting agencies or celebrity agency and have already conducted talks with talents.


You know and like to conduct a commercial negotiation that satisfies all the parties concerned.


Finally, you are passionate about the entertainment sector (very good popular culture), if possible video game and justify a bilingual English.


You are willing to travel abroad for work several times a year.




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